KT22A-CL01【Reversible sweat shirt】#NAVY

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This is a reversible item.
You can wear it on the front or back. Even if you come home tired, and leaving your clothes lying around, you can wear still it inside out the next day.The brushed side has a blurred screen print, and the cotton sheeting side has one point of logo embroidery, but both are mirror letters.The neckline and cuffs have familiar lettuce hem and thread legs, creating a loose atmosphere.
※Pockets are on both sides only on the right side.


着丈62cm / バスト126cm / 肩幅53cm / 袖丈55cm

length 62cm / bust 126cm  / shoulder width 53cm / sleeve length 55cm 
Flat measured.

Material & Fabrics

コットン 59% / アクリル 23% / ポリエステル18%

Cotton 59% / Acryl 23% / Polyester 18%


この製品は、特殊プリント加工をしています。この加工は、永久的なものではなく、もまれたり、摩擦を受けたりすると、かすれたり脱落することがあります。 また、洗濯やクリーニングを繰り返すと、多少薄くなります。 着用の際は、バッグや他の物との摩擦にご注意ください。洗濯やクリーニングの際は、必ず取り扱い表示をご確認ください。

This product has a special printing process. This processing is not permanent, and if it is rubbed or rubbed, it may become faint or fall off. Also, repeated washing and cleaning will make it a little thinner. When wearing, please be careful of friction with bags and other objects. When washing or cleaning, be sure to check the care instructions.



Use a net to wash this product. Please note that shrinking may occur during washing. Due to the nature of the material.  This fabric can be scratched easily on the surface.  

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