TD23A-YR-L【Cotton Yoryu Ethical Dye Long Sleeve Top】#KHAKI

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前シーズンから加わった楊柳トップスです。前回では鮮やかなカラーが特徴でしたが、今回は3色とも草木染めを施しナチュラルなカラーリングとなりました。楊柳シリーズは、洗っていくうちに襟ぐりや裾・縫い目の表に出されたフリンジが少しずつほつれていきます。これを着て生活していくうちに、少しずつ色褪せ、着ている人に馴染んでいきます。 *INDIGOカラーは写真よりも薄い色になっています。

This is a willow top that was added from the previous season. The previous edition featured bright colors, but this time, all three colors have been dyed with plants to create a natural coloring. As you wash the Yoryu series, the fringe on the neckline, hem, and seams will gradually become frayed. The print will fade little by little as you wear it, and as you live with it, it will become familiar with the person wearing it.*INDIGO color is lighter than the photo.


着丈54cm / バスト43cm / 肩幅42cm / 袖丈61cm

length 54cm / bust 43cm / shoulder length 42cm / sleeve length 55cm
Flat measured. 

Material & Fabrics

コットン 100%




This yoryu series is dyed with plants. Since it is a cotton material, there may be slight individual differences in shrinkage, fabric, and thread dyeing. Also, as you wash it repeatedly, the color will fade overall and the texture will increase. I hope you enjoy it, including the changes in color fading.



Wash separately or with similar colors to prevent color transfer. When washing, turn it inside out and use a laundry net. Please avoid strong partial washing such as rubbing as it may cause partial color loss. Avoid leaving it wet for a long time, such as by soaking. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents.

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