KT22S-DR01【Layered dress】

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A slip style dress with a layered camisole. The body is made of thick vintage-style satin that is hard to see through, and the hem is laced, but only the hem of the camisole that is layered on top is cut off. By washing it, it goes well with casual items such as denim and sneakers. When we make feminine items, we end up wanting to break them or make them look rough.


着丈 98cm / バスト91cm / ウエスト92cm 

length 98cm / bust 91cm / west 92cm 
Flat measured.

Material & Fabrics

ボディ: アセテート100%
ヘムレース: ナイロン100% 
襟レース: コットン100%

Outer: Acetate100%
Hem lace: Nylon100%
Collar lace: Cotton100%



This product uses delicate lace material. If you rub it against an uneven surface, or hook it on a bag, belt, or sharp object, the loose ends or threads will easily float and break. Please be careful when handling and wearing it. Dry cleaning should be done in a short period of time and should be specified as using a net so as not to get caught in other cleaning items.



Please use a net when washing. This product may fade or change color due to moisture or friction.

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