KT24S-JK02〈Layered-Tie Sleeveless Jacket〉#GRAY

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決してちゃんとはしたくないけどジャケットを着てみたい、と思い立ち、初めてテーラードジャケットを作りました。フロントにボタンはなく、後ろ身頃についた付属の別布でギュッと巻いて閉めます。 開けると後ろから布が垂れているデザインになり、別布はボタンで取り外し可能です。

I don't want to do not much properly, but I wanted to try wearing a jacket, so I made my first tailored jacket. There are no buttons on the front, and you can wrap it tightly with the included cloth attached to the back to close it. When opened, the design has a cloth hanging from the back, and the separate cloth can be removed with a button.


着丈 70.5cm / バスト 108cm/ 肩幅 46.5cm

length 70.5cm / bust 108cm / shoulder width 46cm
Flat measured. 

Material & Fabrics

Fabric Body / RAMIE 86% , COTTON 14%
Hem upper parts / COTTON 100%
Hem lower parts / POLYESTER 100%



Please avoid washing at home. Please consult a specialized store for cleaning. Can be ironed without steam at temperatures up to 110°C on the bottom.

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