TD24S-B02〈Peephole Long Sleeve Top〉 5colors

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Starting this season, a new essence with a different atmosphere than usual has been added to the todo series. The variety of cuts and designs has increased, creating more free and stylish items.
This item has a large hole in the front to reveal the tank top part underneath, creating a layered look with just one piece and showing off a healthy amount of skin at the bust and waist.
The material continues to be recycled polyester fabric made from collected plastic bottles. It is characterized by its glossy and bouncy texture. The pleated fabric has elasticity, so it is comfortable to wear regardless of your body shape. It is also wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying, making it perfect for travel.


着丈52cm / バスト40cm/ 肩幅34cm / 袖丈58cm

length 52cm / bust 40cm / shoulder width 34cm / sleeve length 58cm
Flat measured. 

Material & Fabrics



ネットをご使用いただき、洗濯機でのお洗濯が可能です。縫い目が裂けやすくなっておりますのでお取り扱いにはご注意ください。プリーツ部分のアイロンのご使用はお控えください。 プリーツ部分にシワができた場合は、アイロン面を直接生地に当てずに1~2cm浮かせ、優しくスチームをかけてください。その際、温度が高すぎたり、スチームが強すぎると、プリーツが取れてしまう場合がございますので、十分にご注意ください。全て1点ずつ製作しているため多少の個体差がございます。

It can be machine washed using a net. Please handle with care as the seams are prone to tearing. Please refrain from ironing the pleats. If the pleats are wrinkled, please lift the ironing surface 1~2cm away from the fabric and apply steam gently. If the temperature is too high or the steam is too strong, the pleats may fall out. Please note that each item is made, so there may be slight individual differences.

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