TD24S-GRYRPT〈Graphic Yoryu Pants〉#MULTI

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This season's Yoryu series is all graphic.The prints are casual everyday photos from the designer's smartphone folder.Graphic prints on Yoryu give it an ambiguous and slightly grainy color, which is different from pleats and gives it a unique atmosphere.The fabric edges of the collar, hem, and exposed seam allowance will gradually unravel as they are washed.I love how it seems as if it gradually fits into the wearer's life.
This season, the first graphic Yoryu pants are also available.The 360-degree graphic design might seem a bit of a hurdle, they are an excellent item that can be styled to perfection with just one pair. In addition, the pants are made of 100% cotton, making them cool and easy to wear, perfect for midsummer.


〈Sサイズ〉ウエスト68cm / 総丈92cm / 股上24cm
〈Mサイズ〉ウエスト70cm / 総丈99cm / 股上25cm

〈S size〉west 68cm / length 92cm / rise 24cm
〈M size〉west 70cm / length 99cm / rise 25cm

Flat measured.

Material & Fabrics




This Yoryu series is printed with pigment print. Since this is a cotton material, there may be some individual differences in shrinkage and printing. Also, just like denim fabric, the overall color will fade and the texture will increase after repeated washing. We hope you will enjoy the color fading as well.



To prevent color migration, wash the garment alone or with similarly colored garments. When washing, please turn the garment inside out and use a laundry net. Avoid strong partial washing such as rubbing or scrubbing, as this may cause partial color bleeding. Avoid leaving the garment wet for long periods of time by soaking, etc., as this may cause color staining. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach.

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