KT22A-KN02 【Twisted knit crew-neck】

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It is a knit with a wavy design, with borders knitted and tucks alternately left and right.
Only the left sleeve has a color scheme, and the body is knitted with mixed color thread. Mixed colors give a complicated yet warm and soft impression.Although it gives a warm impression, it is light and comfortable to wear, and it does not give a heavy impression even when combined with a thick coat.BROWN, GREEN, and PINK are colors that create a completely different atmosphere.
※color is the color of the body.


着丈48cm / 身幅52cm / 肩幅48cm / 袖丈53cm 

length 48cm / width 52cm  / shoulder width48 cm / sleeve length 53cm 
Flat measured.

Material & Fabrics

ウール 86% / ナイロン 14%

Wool 86% / Nylon 14%



Hand washing is possible. It may shrink slightly after washing. Please note. The fabric is easy to get caught, so please be careful when wearing or changing clothes. Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, pilling and fluffing may occur.  

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