KT23A-PT02【Rolled Up Denim Pants】

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シンプルで価格も比較的やさしく、毎日どんなものでも合わせやすいのに、しっかりクセがあるデニムも作りたい!と思い生まれました。超ロング丈のフレアデニムでうねりのある裾フリンジをお好きな丈で思い切りロールアップして履いていただくスタイル。 裾側に両脚2箇所、太腿付近に両脚2箇所スナップが付いており、3段階のロールアップができるようになっています。ロールアップとフリンジの両方が一度に楽しめる、荒っぽいのに優秀なパンツです。

I wanted to create denim that is simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy to match with anything you wear every day, but also has a distinctive character! This style is made of super long flared denim with a undulating fringe at the hem that can be rolled up to your desired length. There are two snaps on both legs on the hem side and one on each leg near the thigh, allowing for three-step roll-up. These are rough but excellent pants that allow you to enjoy both roll-up and fringe at the same time.



〈Sサイズ〉ウエスト72cm / パンツ丈95cm / わたり巾27cm / 股下68cm
〈Mサイズ〉ウエスト75cm / パンツ丈99cm / わたり巾28cm / 股下71cm

〈S size〉west 72cm / length 95cm / thickness of thigh 27cm / inseam 68cm
〈M size〉west 75cm / length 99cm / thickness of thigh 28cm / inseam 71cm

Flat measured.

Material & Fabrics

コットン 100%




There is a possibility of color transfer, please wash separately. When washing, turn it inside out and use a laundry net.

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